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June 5, 2002
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Question: How many deviants does it take to ruin a joke on deviantart?

Answer: 237

One to post the joke; 21 to laugh their asses off; 31 to flame the people who thought the joke was funny; 8 to argue over which section it was supposed to be posted in; 3 to find out this joke was just adapted from one of those lightbulb jokes and start a forum thread; 13 to scream rip; 4 to set out to prove the inappropriateness of the joke; 67 to note the admins saying the poster should be banned; 14 to post urls to the original joke; 9 to flame the people who posted the urls because they weren't posted correctly and to post them correctly giving a full 500 line demonstration; 5 (*cough*) to say they are leaving because of all the controversy surrounding the joke; 12 to act sad that they are leaving; 18 to tell them to leave because all they do is sit around and suck up to the admins to get a `; 10 to laugh and tell everyone they will be back under a different username; and 15 to say the thread should be closed.

Oh yea, and 1 to post and say that the guy that posted this is an idiot and needs to learn how to add because it only takes 231 deviants to ruin a joke on deviantart; and 5 to bandwagon and agree with him.
Just another one of my sessions of late night thinking.
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can i be number 238? hehe. that's very funny (but coz im lazy, if i'd have done it i would have lowered the numbers so it wouldn't need so much calculation.) =P
:foocl: oh god you're a genius :lmao:
I totally agree. :laughs ass off:
vespera May 28, 2003  Hobbyist Writer
*falls over cracking up* genius ;) (Wink)
kipton Mar 15, 2003
the battle for the saint moped ride was not as peggyful as the morbidness equalling the punctuality.
this is sooo inappropriate... i think colby should be BANNED! You are the weakest link and will NOT be missed!

Giggle i was Laughing my ass off! reading this Hug
triptychr Oct 22, 2002  Hobbyist Writer
Too funny!
ekud Aug 26, 2002  Professional Digital Artist

its so true.

and so pathetic.
w00t! I haven't laughed that hard in a while now!
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